Copyright is the right that every individual or legal entity who creates an intellectual work has over its creation. They can be books, texts, poetry, music, photographs, drawings, paintings, cinematographic works, among others.

Why protect an intellectual work?

Copyright proves the authorship of the creation and secures legal protection in order to exercise the exploitation of rights and recover capital invested. Furthermore, it is a measure against piracy.

The protection is valid as long as the author is alive and for 70 years after his death, after that the work falls into the public domain.

What we do?

Nowadays, Copyright involves much of the entertainment industry, whether it is radio, TV, movies, theatre, the internet, or other media. In this area, our firm works not only on the part of the recordal with the competent bodies, but also concerning contracts and litigation, seeking the greatest possible protection for our clients, as well as the best legal framework for each matter.