A trade mark can be any sign that identifies you as the owner of your goods or services to make it clear they belong to you. It is the badge by which customers find your products or services in the marketplace. The owner of a trade mark has exclusive use of that sign. Once in use, your trading reputation and goodwill will be attached to your business – making your trade marks some of your most valuable assets. It is a symbol of trust.

What can be a trade mark?

Many things can be registered as a trade mark – names and logos are the most common. A trade mark can be anything that allows consumers to distinguish your goods or services from those of another. It can a word, series of words, design word and design, a three-dimensional shape

However, a trade mark must be unique, so it cannot be confused for an already registered trade mark. It also cannot be descriptive. Registering your company name, or owning a domain name, gives you virtually no legal rights to stop someone else from using your name or logo.

If you start using a logo or name without registering it as a trade mark and without checking that it is free to use, you risk later finding out about a company with a similar name, or even receiving a letter telling you to stop using your mark because it infringes an already registered trade mark.

You also risk someone else registering it as a trade mark and attempting to stop you from using your own brand name

As your reputation grows and you become established, the more likely it is that people will start to copy you. Having the protection from registered trade marks means you can take action to stop this.

How can we help

We assist with the filing of a trademarks, classifying the goods or services it covers, and if a logo is involved the classification of the shape, providing the necessary supporting documents, such as articles of incorporation, verifying weekly publications in the official Gazette to determine progress until registration and the issuance of a certificate.