A trademark can be defined as any visually perceptible sign, symbol or name intended to identify a product or service and differentiate it from competitors. The mark may be a word, a design, mix of a word(s) and design, three-dimensional or collective.

Why register your trademark?

Trademark registration is the only legal basis there is to guarantee its exclusivity in the market. Having your trademark makes it unique and protects you from misappropriation by third parties. It also helps the customer identify the service or product and build a loyalty relationship. A Trademark is an asset of your company and can also generate revenue for your company, as it can be licensed for use by third parties, or even part of a franchise project.

What we do?

We operate in all phases of the trademark protection process; including prevention, analysis for registrability of a trademark (search); prosecution via the entire registration process within the INPI itself. In terms of trademark searches, we perform initial research, analysis of results and produce a specific report for each client.

We consistently work with multinationals that specialize in this clearance work around the world, which makes it easy for us to access various databases, as well as streamline customer response. As part of the registration process of the trademark within the PTO itself, our professionals and partners have capacity and experience to guide in the best way to protect each client’s Intellectual Property assets, as well as defend them at the administrative level before the PTO.

Our staff are trained to provide clients not only with the comprehensive, yet concise answers, but also to be as quick as possible with that response. We operate both in the domestic and international markets, which means that we advise national and international firms on the protection of their intellectual property in Brazil as well as other countries around the world.