A patent is a temporary title to an invention that grants its owner the exclusive right to market its creation. It is not possible to patent an idea, but only the practical result of this idea.

Why protect your patent?

By patenting your invention you guarantee exclusive use and as well as generating revenue for your company, either by selling it to third parties or licensing the technology so it can be exploited by other companies.


What we do?

We operate at all stages of the protection process of patents, from the conception of an invention within a firm up to the protection of the patent in Brazil and the rest of the world. We also ensure, that at the stage before the development of the project, verification is undertaken nationally and internationally to determine the existence of other similar inventions which could create future problems, not just preventing registration of the patent, but also so as to avoid judicial issues. .

Apart from our prior art investigations, we also work in the entire administrative area before the PTO so that we can secure a guarantee as to exclusivity of the Patent. Our technicians can work in practically all the main knowledge areas with the ability of being able to steer the drafting and perfecting of a patent. This facilitates the development of internal policies within a company generating more and more new products and processes

We operate both in the domestic and international markets, which means that we advise national and international firms on the protection of their intellectual property in Brazil as well as other countries around the world.